Turn Off That Light!

John Crossingham

Steve Wilson

A little hedgehog is fast asleep when all of a sudden, the light clicks on. He is NOT happy about being woken. “Turn off that light!” he demands. The light switches off. And then on again. And off. And on. “Who keeps doing that?!” The hedgehog bumbles around, exasperated, in a flurry of onomatopoeia — GRRR!! OW! CRUNCH. BANG! — as his room mysteriously goes from dark to light over and over and over again.

It soon becomes clear that the cause of the light switching on and off is you, the reader, turning the page. The hedgehog decides to outsmart you by building his own light, a process that comes with its own hilarious complications.

Comics-style speech bubbles, wordplay and humor make this a fun and interactive story where the reader plays a starring role — especially when it’s revealed that you only turned the light on to bring the hedgehog a glass of water, which he forgot he asked for.

John Crossingham, Steve Wilson
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"Once young ones catch on to what's happening, they will no doubt demand repeat reads." - Kirkus Reviews

"Smart and creative...the premise of "Turn Off That Light!" is strong and universal. Recommended." - Canadian Review of Materials

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Publication date

November 10, 2015

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Reading; Comprehension

Interest age

From 3 to 7