By Kari Rust

From 3 to 7 | 40 pages, color

The Duke and his dog, Tricky, spend their days making trouble. They cheat, steal, and play cruel-hearted pranks on their neighbors, just for fun. But one day, somebody new comes to town and gives Tricky a treat that melts his mischievous heart — and sets him thinking about the effect his actions have on others.

Inspired to change his ways, Tricky decides to set things right the only way he knows how… with tricks! Tricky’s ploy might just lead The Duke to reconsider his ways. Stylized cartoon-inspired art adds a distinctive mood and humor to this fun debut picture book about empathy, revenge, and reform.
"The animated illustrations are especially deft at showing small shifts in body language, making even the nasty Duke somewhat endearing....promising." - Kirkus Reviews
"Despite the clear demarcation of good and evil, debut talent Rust avoids smarminess with lots of slapstick energy, and by not insisting on Duke's conversion at the end (although she does hint at reform)." - Publishers Weekly
"Their story is ultimately one of kindness and reform, so hilariously told that kids won't realize they've absorbed a behaviour lesson. Now that's a good trick." - Booklist
"This powerful story about kindness versus unkindness is a must-have for all libraries." - School Library Journal
"This is a beautifully illustrated picture book that eloquently teaches a valuable lesson... Recommended." - School Library Connection

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