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Time to Go!


By Marta Cunill

From 4 to 8 | 32 pages

A fun, and funny, lesson in why following the crowd can sometimes be a good idea

Three birds are left behind when they decide they can’t be bothered to fly south with their flock. But, despite their laziness, the birds are willing to put a lot of effort into beating the winter cold. The birds problem-solve and do everything they can think of to stay warm—trying (and failing at) everything from wearing winter coats like humans to living in the water like fish.

When the three birds finally decide it’s even more work to stay warm in the winter than it is to fly south, they start their journey to join the other birds. But when they arrive, they only get to enjoy the warmth for a fleeting moment before the flock announces it’s time to migrate north again!

Told in panels with speech bubbles and plenty of humor, this story of three birds’ wintery misadventures subtly introduces themes of migration, adaptation, and animal behavior while modeling problem-solving and perseverance.

Marta Cunill

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