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They Did What?!


They Did WHAT?! holds up a carnival funhouse mirror to the human race, showing us a hilarious reflection of foibles, flubs, and foolishness. Over the course of history we have achieved remarkable things: the Great Pyramids, space travel, and the World Wide Web — blue ribbons of humanity. But why not celebrate our eccentricities, our famous bloopers, the bits that have been edited out for so long: pet rocks, air guitar contests, and turkey-and-gravy soda. It’s time to embrace, not erase! Author Jeff Szpirglas takes a stand, and awards the booby prize to history’s most ridiculous fads, hoaxes, daredevils, advertising, urban legends, inventions, and more. They Did WHAT?! is a wild (and educational) ride!Jeff Szpirglas, Dave Whamond

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