The Little Book of Big Fears

Monica Arnaldo

Whether it’s raccoons, the dark, math, or whatever lurks in the bathtub, everybody is afraid of something. Big or small, common or quirky, fears are normal — and maybe even a little less scary when brought to light (and made light of).

This book introduces 16 fictional children, named in alphabetical order, along with something each fears. There’s Claire, who recoiled from legumes; Drew, who was scared of raccoons; Quinn, horrified by needles; and Will, unsettled by beetles. Darkly playful illustrations show each fear as magnified and real as a child would imagine it. Rhyming text and complex, interesting vocabulary make this book an enriching read.

In a twist on your typical alphabet book, The Little Book of Big Fears skips several letters along the way. An endnote suggests that looking to these letters — which spell GUTSY and BRAVE — will help children face their own fears.

Monica Arnaldo
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"This alphabetical collection of the fears that plague children is a must-have for most collections...a fun read for all." - School Library Journal

"With its light-hearted, interactive approach, this not-too-scary book will spark discussion." - National Reading Campaign

"Young readers can laugh and perhaps even realize that they are not alone in being afraid of something...highly recommended." - Canadian Review of Materials

"Imaginative with underlying humor, the book will find an audience of kids who will find the fun in all the phobias. Recommended." - School Library Connection

"Droll rhymes... humorous details in the finely drafted illustrations... leaves fearful readers with a confidence booster." - Publishers Weekly

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Publication date

November 15, 2015

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From 3 to 7