The Deepest Dig

Mark David Smith

Lily Snowden-Fine

Inspired by a true story! A tenacious kid digs deep and makes important discoveries

After a heavy rain exposes a bit of something in his backyard, Caden resolves to dig the treasure up and find out exactly what it is. He tries to enlist the help of his parents and teacher, who are dismissive and disbelieving—but that doesn’t deter Caden from his goal.

Caden’s next-door neighbor, Martha, is the only adult who encourages him to keep digging. Working together, they unearth Caden’s discovery: the giant bones of a prehistoric woolly mammoth! After comically misassembling the massive skeleton, Caden attracts everyone’s attention with his discovery—and finds another treasure in bringing his family together.

Rich yet simple illustrations accompany this funny, kid-empowering story that celebrates scientific inquiry and is based on a true discovery.

Mark David Smith, Lily Snowden-Fine
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"The sparely told tale, inspired by a similar actual discovery, may in turn inspire young readers to take closer looks at their own supposedly familiar surroundings." - Kirkus Reviews

"Clever and colorful illustrations ... add considerable charm to the story. [The narrative] teeters between the believable and the fantastic."

- School Library Journal

"The Deepest Dig encourages children to dig deep, whether it's into their curiosity, science, research or any passion."

- CanLit for Little Canadians

"An excellent addition to any library, especially for young (or older) people interested in paleontology. For those who aren’t, it will get them interested in what is going on in their own backyards."

- Canadian Review of Materials

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Publication date

August 15, 2021

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Scientific Inquiry; Paleontology

Interest age

From 3 to 7