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Prickly Jenny

Sibylle Delacroix

Jenny is a gentle bundle of contradictions. She wants to be left alone, but she cries when her mom goes away. She wants to wear her old T-shirt instead of her new dress, and that’s that. If you catch her smiling, she’ll go back to grumbling. Jenny wants things her way, but she’s not always sure what her way is. It might seem like she’s being difficult, but she can’t help it — it’s just how she feels.

This delightful small-format picture book is a portrait of a character who, despite her grumbling and frustrations, just wants to be loved. Against simple backgrounds and understated digital and chalk pastel illustrations, Jenny’s boldly expressive face is the focal point. The book conveys a quiet balance of humor and strife, perfectly portraying a prickly kid who feels anxious, stubborn and unheard … even though she’s not exactly sure what she has to say.Sibylle Delacroix
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"This wonderful little book gently suggests that maybe all a kid like Jenny needs from the people around her is a kind of warm, quiet presence." - The New York Times

"An irresistible bundle of unhappiness." - Publishers Weekly - Starred Review

"There's no neat solution here, just welcome acknowledgement of irritation, unsettled emotions and bad days... This empathetic offering might be just the thing for little ones to take off by themselves they're feeling prickly." - Kirkus Reviews

"Both children and adults will find this picture book relatable and reassuring." - School Library Journal

"[A] humorous and gently empathetic's sure to cheer youngsters right up." - Foreward

"Delacroix's pithy acknowledgement of a common toddler/preschooler problem is spot-on." - Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"Rarely have I seen the slippery phenomenon that is a toddler's mood captured so well...honest and memorable, it's a book about toddlers that really gets it right." - Julie Danielson

"A lovely and relatable story that all readers are likely to enjoy. It would be a good purchase for all libraries. Highly recommended." - Canadian Review of Materials

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March 15, 2015

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Language Arts

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From 3 to 7