Pretty Tricky

Etta Kaner

Ashley Barron

Have you ever thought of plants as tricky? Probably not. But in this nonfiction book, readers are introduced to the tricky techniques some plants use to defend themselves, reproduce, or acquire food. From the copycat Boquila vine that changes shape to match its host plant, to the pungent carrion flower that lures pollinating flies with the scent of rotten meat, plants across the globe have adapted to survive all kinds of threatening fauna.

Each amazing plant adaptation is described through fact bubbles and easy-to-grasp blocks of text. End matter includes a list of sources for kids to explore, a glossary defining scientific terms, and an index.

Brought to life with eye-popping cut-paper collage illustrations, this book is a garden of knowledge that will leave kids with a better understanding of how living things adapt to their environments. Etta Kaner, Ashley Barron
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"The layout is excellent, and the collages are extraordinary... there’s lots of information here. Plant this one on your bookshelf." - Kirkus Reviews – STARRED REVIEW

"With interesting facts on every page and vibrant art full of lively scenery, one thing is certain: readers won’t look at plants the same way again." - Booklist – STARRED REVIEW

"Barron’s stellar artwork is a standout. Her captivating illustrations could motivate readers to further research the featured plants and animals." - School Library Journal

"Bright colored leaves and flowers spill over the pages while readers learn about plants that play dead, house stinging ants, and even explode pollen all over birds... I was completely enamored by all of the facts within these pages, and I hope the young botanist in your life is as well." - The Tiny Activist

"Kaner and Barron have crafted a beautiful collaboration celebrating a variety of plants that use a variety of methods to survive, thrive, and procreate." - Kiss the Book

"Pretty Tricky will give young readers some interesting information about the different strategies and adaptations plants have developed to help them survive, find food, reproduce and defend themselves." - Canadian Review of Materials

"The cut paper collages are filled with texture and color, and nicely detailed to inspire curious young naturalists to head out and look more closely at plants." - Archimedes Notebook

"There is much to learn here, and it is presented in a way that will keep readers moving forward... The book's design is exemplary, and the collage artwork is remarkable." - Sal's Fiction Addiction

A Kirkus Best Picture Book of 2020

Outstanding Science Trade Book, 2020

B.C. Children's Choice Red Cedar Book Award, 2021

Lane Anderson Award for Canadian Science Writing, 2020

Best Books for Kids and Teens, 2021

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Publication date

September 15, 2020

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Language Arts

Interest age

From 7 to 10