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Not 'Til Tomorrow, Phoebe

Julie Zwillich

Denise Holmes

Phoebe’s day is full of tomorrows: Mama says they can make pancakes, her teacher announces musicians will visit the class, and Phoebe will get ice cream after her haircut—but none of it ’til tomorrow. Phoebe feels frustrated and impatient. Why can’t these good things happen right now? Later in the day, Phoebe’s grandmother bakes cookies and shares the secret ingredient to turn today into tomorrow: a good night’s sleep. Phoebe decides she’ll try it out.

This is a sweet, practical story that offers a gentle lesson in the meaning of time. It also addresses the sense of unease kids may feel since they rarely control the way a day unfolds. Bold illustrations full of personality and diversity bring plucky, curious Phoebe’s world to life on the page, making this an enjoyable early-learning read.

Julie Zwillich, Denise Holmes
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"A sweet story and excellent conversation starter, with a lesson for all ages. Great for one-on-one sharing, and perfect for early readers." - School Library Journal

"Following Phoebe’s lead may take readers a step closer to living in the moment." - Publishers Weekly

"Kids will understand Phoebe’s frustration, for sure. The illustrations are bold and expressive, with soothing colors to put kids in the mind to listen and learn. " - Mom Read It

“Very highly recommended, especially for family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library picture book collections for children ages 3 to 7.” - Children's Bookwatch

"Young readers will relate to Phoebe and will come away from this book understanding that tomorrow is something to look forward to, not to begrudge." - Canadian Review of Materials

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March 15, 2018

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Language Arts

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From 3 to 7