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My House Is Alive!

Scot Ritchie

What’s that sound? Starting with a simple question, My House Is Alive! takes readers on a tour of the basic inner workings of a house and explains the scientific reason for the knocks, thumps, bangs, and booms we hear. For example: that knocking sound in the walls? It’s caused by the expansion and contraction of metal vents that carry air to heat your home. Creaking can happen when wood dries out, and buzzing can come from vibrating plates inside fluorescent lights.

Two spreads are devoted to each scary sound: the first shows the source of the noise as imagined by a small boy — a monster, giant insect, or other wacky creature — and the second explains the reality behind it. Scot Ritchie’s explanations of scientific ideas are accessible through text and illustration in this imaginative informational picture book that will dispel fears about scary noises and satisfy scientific curiosity.

Scot Ritchie
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"Mysteries of strange house noises are demystified in a picture book that brings the science while having its cake, too." - Kirkus Reviews

"Reassuring...providing good answers to sometimes-unasked questions worrying kids: What goes bump (not to mention thump, gurgle, trickle, buzz, scratch, creak, and crunch) in the night?" - Booklist

"Little ones who might be afraid of the dark will come away assuaged by this comical yet informative study on things that go bump in the night." - School Library Journal

"When those next generation engineers and TED Talkers can't get to sleep, this STEM approach to bedtime stories might just be the answer." - The Bulleting of the Center for Children's Books

"This lighthearted approach will go a long way to dispel the fears of youngsters who have their own list of spooky night time house noises. Recommended." - Canadian Review of Materials

"...the perfect bedtime book to reassure readers they are safe in their home." - Resource Links

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Publication date

March 15, 2016

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Structures and Mechanisms; Matter; Technology; Environment; Weather

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From 4 to 7