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Don't Let Go!

Élisabeth Eudes-Pascal

It’s a frosty day at the beach, and a polar bear family is at play among the ice floes. The cubs splash around, all except the youngest, who’s nervously hanging onto his dad in the water. He’s just not ready to swim on his own. Despite encouragement from Dad, the cub is insistent: “Don’t let go!”

Maybe a flotation device would help? One by one, the little bear adds a lifesaver, a flutter board, a pool noodle, and a rubber ball to his body, all while clutching his dad. Eventually, the cub is so loaded down with large and colorful toys that his dad is able to sneak away unnoticed. But will he still be afraid to float on his own?

This simple, funny story is told in speech bubbles and illustrations. Full of color, laughter, and polar bears in vibrant swimsuits, this is a playful and lighthearted exploration of the challenges of independence. Élisabeth Eudes-Pascal
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“A watercolor landscape rooted in blues invites readers to an iceberg beach.” - Kirkus Reviews

"There is chaos and fun going on at the same time, and the colorful illustrations perfectly portray it all. This is a great book for creating dialogue with younger children about learning to be independent." - Canadian Review of Materials

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Publication date

April 15, 2020

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From 2 to 5