Dear Panda

Miriam Latimer

Living in a new house and about to start at a new school, Florence feels sad that she had to leave all her friends behind. So she decides to write a letter to the panda who lives in the zoo next door, asking him to be her friend. Happily, he obliges. Soon, when Flo is asked to stand up in front of her whole class and talk about herself, it only seems right to tell everyone about Panda, and then to invite him to come for a visit.

Thanks to Panda, Flo meets Bea, a little girl who shares her love of pandas – and swimming, and hula-hooping, and all kinds of other things. A quiet, introspective story about finding the confidence to make new friends, Dear Panda plays with the boundaries of what's real and what's imagined, and will give readers a new way to think about finding kindred spirits.Miriam Latimer
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"Anxious readers should finish the book reassured that making friends can sometimes be surprisingly simple."
- Publishers Weekly

"Latimer's reassuring tale handles real-world issues with a charming touch of fantasy." - School Library Journal

"A really cute story that highlights friendship and the worries children can face when they have to start a new school. The illustrations in this picture book are bright, colourful, and fun!" - Canadian Review of Materials

"Can be used for encouraging young children to make new friends in new environments, and to accept other new kids." - Resource Links

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Publication date

August 15, 2014

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Interest age

From 3 to 7