By Maria Birmingham and Ian Turner

From 8 to 12 | 48 pages, color

Biometrics — the science of using the body to identify a person — is everywhere, not just in science fiction, but in everyday life. Today, biometrics is on the cutting edge of security. It’s used for access into banks and airports, as well as to keep money and personal information safe. Methods like fingerprinting and retinal scanning might be more familiar, but biometrics can also identify people based on ear shape, scent, vein pattern, and much more.

This book explores nine biometrics in detail, explaining how each works, where it’s used, its pros and cons, and how it compares to other techniques. It also discusses privacy, security, why we need methods of identification, and touches on biometrics of the future. Engaging and colorful design and playful illustrations alongside surprising anecdotes, historical context, and humor make this an enjoyable, in-depth look at a hot topic. Informational text features include sidebars, diagrams, sources, a glossary and an index.
"From fingerprints to voice, tongue, and even odor recognition, Birmingham explores the ways our identities are being linked to unique physical features or behaviors... May spur young readers into taking care with their IDs and personal information." - Kirkus Reviews
"A fun, futuristic look as the fascinating worlds of recognition technology...ignites the imagination...offering great depth while managing to keep the reader engaged with Birmingham's expert excellent study guide for an inspired science-fair project, and equally effective as a read for young tweens needing a reminder of their wonderful uniqueness." - Quill & Quire
"Written in a friendly and accessible style... This compelling and comprehensible overview of the field is recommended for middle school readers." - School Library Journal
"Appealingly presented... There's a real need for information on this topic for this age." - Booklist

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