All By Myself!

Géraldine Collet

Coralie Saudo

When five hens leave the coop to go pecking for grain, five little chicks are left all by themselves for the day. At first the chicks — Ivan, Lily, Leonard, Shirley, and narrator Anthony — cry. Then, they get scared: what if their moms never come home? What if a fox finds them? The chicks must work together to brave the day without their mothers. When the mothers return to the coop with delicious grain at lunchtime, all but one of the chicks — Anthony — fall upon the food ravenously. Bolstered by his triumphant day at home alone, Anthony pauses to declare that he is ready to eat all by himself for the first time. A beloved book in its original French, All By Myself! is a plucky tale about cooperation and independence. Told in part through mixed media illustrations and energetic text, this picture book will inspire and entertain young readers as they approach their own hallmarks of growing up.
Géraldine Collet, Coralie Saudo
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Illustrations are full of quirky, mischievous touches sure to bring smiles...This superlatively cute look at the bond between mother and child takes a proud place next to Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson’s Owl Babies.

- Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

In this anything but homespun story about farmyard chicks...Collet’s well-developed characters and lively dialogue provide a read-aloud pick-me-up. - Publishers Weekly

The mixed-media collage illustrations are of particular interest...[and] the text layout is as unique as the art...Though the story will appeal to a very young audience, the visual elements will interest a wider range of readers. - School Library Journal

[An] engaging edition of the well-worked 'where's Mama?' theme. -

Simply sweet...even the youngest children will be able to follow along and enjoy this book. -

The illustrations...create an intriguing montage. The whole [illustration] process sounds elaborate, but the end result is worth it. - B is for Books

Provides a positive perspective on the power of a peer's influence...Good to share or fun to read aloud, All By Myself! is a cute story that is relevant to and interesting for children. - CM Magazine: Canadian Review of Materials

Parents who are doing the dependence/independence dance with their preschooler will nod their heads as they read about the chicks swinging back and forth from missing their mommies to their enthusiastic display of independence. - Open Book Toronto

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Publication date

May 15, 2014

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Interest age

From 3 to 6