A Fire Truck for Chuck

Annika Dunklee


A rhyming read-aloud perfect for bath and bedtime

Chuck loves everything about his firetruck. He plays with it nonstop: in the sandbox, the yard, and the mud. But after bath time, once Chuck is squeaky clean, his fire truck is nowhere to be seen!

Dumbstruck, Chuck hunts all over the house. Where is his truck?! Was it sucked up into the vacuum, now stuck? Finally, Chuck and his truck are reunited, just in time for bed.

Told not in verse but with plenty of fun rhyme and repetition, this story’s bright, cartoon-like art conveys Chuck’s full range of emotions. With humor and warmth, this new board book captures a child’s joy for their favorite toy.

Annika Dunklee, Cathon
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"The book's low word count and simple language are sure to earn it accolades from parents and kids searching for fun, easy books. Certain to be a favorite among those young readers who've got a hankering for something red and shiny." - Kirkus Reviews

"The cartoon illustrations are colorful and vibrant. Recommended for general purchase for picture book collections, storytime favorites, and beginning readers." - School Library Journal

"Toddlers and preschoolers will all empathize and understand the love between a kid and his or her favorite toy. Cartoony illustrations are bold and bright and will get kids’ attention." - Mom Read It

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Publication date

March 15, 2024

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Interest age

From 0 to 3