The Insecto-files

By Helaine Becker and Claudia Dávila

From 8 to 12 | 64 pages

Helaine Becker’s knack for turning great information into great fun is right at home in the insect world — a micro-universe full of feats of strength and tales of adventure! Through witty text and wacky illustrations young readers will learn to identify and classify insects from the everyday to the rare and fantastic. The Insecto-files brings bug facts to life with simple, insightful (and cruelty-free!) entomological experiments.

Found throughout the book, each experiment can be safely performed at home without special equipment, unusual ingredients, or following fussy directions. Want to “speak” to fireflies and “sing” to crickets? Make your own bursting bug bombs? Break up an ant picnic? Through experiments like these, The Insecto-files feeds into kids’ natural curiosity and love of wacky fun, allowing them to actively learn about bugs on their own terms.

Each experiment is accompanied by a “What’s Going On?” feature, so that kids can see that within each activity is a fascinating lesson in bug behavior. Readers will also encounter real-life insect inspectors along the way and learn about their zany experiments, all in the name of science!

The Insecto-files is jammed with interesting facts presented in kid-friendly language, with illustrations that vary between scientifically accurate and comic-book funny…[fascinating details] capture the imagination and give opportunities for further discussion and reading. - Quill & Quire, STARRED REVIEW
Extremely interactive and thought inspiring with questions and experiments that made us want to try them; amazing support illustrations. - 2011 Lane Anderson Award Jury
Readers are hooked from the introduction. The collection of original experiments and activities encourages kids in an entertaining way to think, do, and learn. - CM Magazine: Canadian Review of Materials
This book provides children with a fountain of knowledge and insight into the insect world...colorful and comic illustrations will draw the children to the text surrounding them to discover even more. - Canadian Children’s Book News
A mix of colorful cartoons and realistic drawings of insects provides entertaining and educational visual appeal in this blend of energy, irreverence and information. - North Bay Nugget
What separates Becker's book from other insect-focused books is that Becker doesn't just provide fascinating insect facts; she also supplies child-friendly activities or experiments with virtually every two-page 'chapter'. - Scouting Life
Along with the wealth of information about insects, there are fun activities and cute, charming pictures that will appeal to even the biggest of bug fearers. - THE Magazine
A book packed with fun experiments and fascinating facts about bugs…with 33 experiments listed and indexed and a good list of scientific concepts covered in the book, there is much of interest for would-be entomologists. - Resource Links
Atlantic Library Association, Hackmatack Children's Choice Book Award, 2010
Canadian Children's Book Centre, Best Books for Kids and Teens Selection, 2010
Fitzhenry Family Foundation, Lane Anderson Award, 2010
Ontario Library Association, Silver Birch Award, 2010
British Columbia Library Association, Red Cedar Book Award, 2012

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