The Human Body

The World in Infographics

By Jon Richards and Ed Simkins

From 8 to 12 | 32 pages

Discover what goes into every drop of your blood, compare the size of your lungs to the surface area of a tennis court, find out how many pencils the carbon in your body would fill, and more! From bone structure and muscles to the senses, our central nervous systems, and reproduction, this book explores the human body using a wide variety of icons, graphics, and pictograms.
Printed in intense colors against monochromatic backgrounds, Simkins' images are eye-catching... - Kirkus
"... will appeal to readers who enjoy poring over interesting facts and details and who like to have that knowledge to share." - School Library Journal
"[This] visual guide will enable young readers to understand and absorb the information quickly and clearly." - Green Teacher
"Science author Jon Richards packs his latest with a tsunami of wow-inducing fascinating science facts that are aimed at hooking the elementary reader." - Books for Kids Blog

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