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StoryBox: Five Bedtime Stories Pack #3 - ebook

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Five beautiful book-length stories to read and listen to, written and illustrated by top authors and artists from all around the world. From fairy tales to exciting adventures, here are stories that children will want to share with you over and over again. The audio recordings provide great support with pronunciation and comprehension. Children will be able to enjoy the e-books on their own and will love listening to their favourite stories!

StoryBox: Five Bedtimes Stories

Knight to the rescue

Bigheart the knight is watching TV one evening when the newspaper says Princess Hawthorn has been kidnapped by a witch. Bigheart falls in love and decides to go to the rescue.

Little Black Cat is scared of the dark

It’s time to go home but no one has come to pick the children up. Then the teacher gets a phone call… There’s a wolf about! The children have to spend the night at school. What an adventure!

Inspector Ratley investigates

Inspector Ratley has just finished his breakfast when Zoe comes round in a panic. Her bike has been stolen and she needs the inspector’s help. Can Inspector Ratley solve the mystery?

Wolf Brothers

One cold night, far away, the she-wolf Cassiopeia gives birth to two cubs. Grey Coat and Black Paw grow up together in the forest…

Chirrup! Chirrup!

Spike the sparrow comes to Julie’s window.  One day he follows her to school and they become friends…

Product details:
  • Ages 3 to 6

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