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Simone: Even More Monstrous!


By Rémy Simard Rémy Simard

From 5 to 8 | 48 pages

Simone, a sweet, rosy-cheeked little girl, and Morris, a green, googly-eyed monster, are back for more adventures! When Simone first entered Morris’s world in Simone: The Best Monster Ever, she struck terror in monsters’ hearts. There, the rules are turned upside down—flowers, puppies, and good behavior are the stuff of nightmares, and all things scary and icky are adored.

In this book, Simone continues to navigate the topsy-turvy world of monsters, where stars poop, giant gorillas drink giant milkshakes, and monsters eat their friends. Each page in this comics collection shares a joke, conversation, or mini-story featuring Simone and Morris. Despite (and often because of) their differences, they have hilarious and often surreal adventures together. Bold, vibrant cartoon art and speech bubbles with plenty of sound effects create punchlines that are simple to grasp, making this a fun, relatable pick for emergent readers seeking an entry point to graphic novels. Rémy Simard
"Just the ticket for readers who find it hilarious to decorate a broccoli for Christmas or discover that what looks like deep snow on the lawn is actually shaving cream." - Kirkus Reviews
"The all-around silliness of these bite-size strips make this a good pick for kids just getting into reading comics." - Booklist

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