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Red Apple : Five children's stories in Chinese - 紅蘋果 Pack #2 - ebook

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Five exciting illustrated e-books in Chinese, published by Bayard Presse Asia in Hong Kong. Adapted from French original works, these chapter stories are tailor-made for the 6 to 10-year-olds. Each story can be enjoyed in two versions: Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. The audio is also available in two languages: Mandarin and Cantonese, so that a maximum of Chinese-speaking children can enjoy these e-books, anytime, anywhere!


5 stories in 2 versions (Simplified Chinese with Mandarin Audio and Traditional Chinese with Cantonese audio):

The frog prince

Princess Eglantine wants the best prince to dance with her at the ball. She used a weird spell that creates a very handsome prince but not exactly what she had imagined…




The secret of GrandPa Louis

Justin is so happy to spend the summer in the countryside with his grandpa. His grandfather is a farmer and an inventor. What a surprise to discover he gets his inventions from small creatures that live in the garden…




Doctor Virus to serve you!

Jeremy wishes he could skip class and stay at home the entire day. If only he was sick… Doctor Virus has heard his call. He is happy to help and give him the strangest viruses.




The witch in the train

Lena is travelling with her mum in the train. A very ugly woman is sitting next to them. She really looks like a witch. Suddenly, Lena’s mum disappears… Lena knows she needs to use some magic to save her mum…




Laura and the very little knight

One afternoon while Laura is reading the adventures of Flanchelot the knight, all of a sudden appears a very little knight in her bedroom.  The house is not a safe place for the knight. Will he survive the dog’s attacks? How will he come back to his book and his princess?




Product details:
  • Ages 6 to 10
  • 六至十岁

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