On the Case

Canadian Flyer Adventures

By Frieda Wishinsky and Jean-Paul Eid

From 6 to 9 | 96 pages

Since discovering the Canadian Flyer, a magical time-traveling sled, in Emily’s attic, Matt and Emily have outrun dinosaurs in the Alberta badlands, evaded slave catchers on the Underground Railroad, and seen the last spike driven into the Canadian Pacific Railway.

In On the Case, Matt and Emily arrive in Galbraith's Ferry, British Columbia, in 1888. A gold rush boomtown, Galbraith’s Ferry is simmering with tensions between Aboriginal Peoples and the settlers who encroached on their land trying to strike it rich. Matt and Emily are relieved to find that the imposing figure of Sam Benfield Steele, the burly superintendent of this isolated Wild West outpost, has come riding in to settle tensions and restore order. The Mounties are the only force of law in this place, and it’s said “the Mounties always get their man!” Emily and Matt lend a hand to this legendary figure as he tries to solve a really tough case. But will they be able to stay out of danger, and help the innocent men charged with murder?

In this, the 12th book in the popular Canadian Flyer Adventures series, author Frieda Wishinsky weaves well-researched and accurate historical facts into her compelling, kid-friendly storytelling, while Jean-Paul Eid’s action-packed illustrations situate readers in place and time perfectly. At the end of their adventure Emily and Matt share additional facts about East Kootenay, Fort Steele, and the Mounties, and Wishinsky gives additional facts here too, in an informative Q&A format.

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