By Édouard Manceau and Karen Li

From 3 to 7 | 30 pages

This oversized board book is an invitation to play: when the book is opened, a die-cut in the middle of the book frames the world around the reader, allowing him or her to compare what they see on the page with what they see through the die-cut. Each spread presents something new to look for: numbers, letters, colors, textures, sizes, shapes and more are showcased on each individual spread.

LOOK! is a book kids will want to pick up, open, touch, look through and play with. In the same vein as Windblown, The Race and Hatch, Little Egg, LOOK! is
written and illustrated with Manceau’s signature mix of simple visuals and thought-provoking content. It will spark creativity and exploration, and encourage children to notice and engage with the world around them.
"This clever, engaging offering invites children to review basic concepts while seeing the world around them in new ways." - Kirkus Reviews STARRED REVIEW
"Novelties like pages covered in orange fuzz or stuck together with Velcro will remind readers that the object they're holding in their hands is as special as anything they might see through the window at its center." - Publishers Weekly
"A creative and fun way to see the world." - School Library Journal
"Definitely a book to be shared with very young children...should be a worthwhile addition to libraries in schools and facilities which focus on early education." - Canadian Review of Materials
"You know what's amazing? Cutting a whole in a book and creating an experience that allows kids to see the world around them with fresh eyes." - Travis Jonker, 100 Scope Notes
"Anyone who loves Press Here will enjoy LOOK!. It's absolutely brilliant. I like that it encourages the kids to really look at the world around them. I used LOOK! around my apartment and was amazed at how the book applied in every situation. Kids will have fun using this book around the house, outside and even on road trips! - via IndieNext
"Manceau wants to draw out the curious kid in all of us, and he succeeds very well in doing that." - Spirituality and Practice
A 100 Scope Notes Wildest Children's Book of 2015, 2015
Named a "Picture Book Parents Will Actually Want to Read Over and Over" by Kirkus,

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