Is This Panama? - ebook

When Sammy, a young Wilson's warbler, wakes up one frosty August morning near the Arctic Circle, he instinctively knows that it's time to make his first migratory journey south to Panama. But there's one problem — where's Panama?

All the other warblers having left without him, Sammy sets off on his journey by himself, stopping to ask the same question of each of the different animals that he meets along the way: "Is this Panama?"

From the caribou heading to his winter forest to the monarch butterflies flitting to Mexico, every animal has a different destination and different advice for Sammy on how to find his way. Finally, a flock of his warbler cousins shows Sammy that finding Panama is as easy as following the stars.

Animal migration patterns and seasonal changes are on display throughout this fascinating story, complemented by intricate paper collage, watercolor, and pen-and-ink illustrations.
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An unusual and attractive take on a perennially absorbing topic. - Kirkus Reviews, 17/08/2013

Together, the text and images help make sense of a few of nature's curiosities. A truly educational journey.
- Booklist Review, 15/09/2013

"Thornhill's book is a well-told, beautifully illustrated, and informative one meant to spark children's curiosity and to broaden their engagement with the world around them." - CM Magazine, 08/11/2013

"Thornhill nicely captures the tension created by the collision of Sammy's excitement for the mysteries surrounding his first migration with the dangers and hardships associated with the sheer exhausting length of the journey. ...Kim's gorgeous illustrations combine watercolour paintings, ink and cut-paper collages, vibrant in colour and rich in detail."
- Canadian Children's Book News, 01/02/2014

"Full of information, including a map of migrations routes, the book gives plenty of information about how different animals migrate to find better nesting grounds or food in addition to a good story."
- Green Teacher, 01/04/2014

"A fun survey of winter migrations." - Ithaca Child, 01/10/2014

"Delicate, three-dimensional illustrations combine natural materials, sketching, and painting... The pages are beautifully composed to capture the scale of the animals with Sammy providing perspective." - Student Library Journal, 01/11/2013

The beautifully illustrated double page spreads will help readers begin to understand the mystery of migration for a variety of species. - Sal's Fiction Addiction, 20/09/2013

Canadian Toy Testing Council's Great Book List, 2014

OLA Best Bets Top 10 Picture Books List, Honourable Mention, 2013

Cybils Awards, Elementary/Middle-Grade Nonfiction category, 2013

Canadian Children's Literature Roundtable's Information Book Award, 2014

Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Books for Kids and Teens, STARRED SELECTION, 2014

Vicky Metcalf Award for author Jan Thornhill's body of work, 2015

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Publication date

September 15, 2013


Reading; Understanding Informational Text;

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From 5 to 8