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CTON's Super A-maze-ing Year of Crazy Comics!


Clayton Hanmer brings the characters of OWL Magazine’s popular monthly feature CTON’s Corner to readers in this crazy collection of comics, mazes, puzzles, and all-around silliness. CTON’s Super A-maze-ing Year of Crazy Comics! is hosted by CTON (a comic-book-artist-turned-comic-book-character) and features the much-loved Blob (a big green blob) as well as friends Billy, Suzie, and Cee Cee. Bursting with irreverent odes to the ridiculous, it should come as no surprise that CTON and his friends inhabit a weird world of made-up animals, fantastic inventions, and dizzying mazes. In CTON’s world, even everyday occurrences involve mishaps and monsters. Designed for repeat reading, this hilarious collection will keep kids coming back for more again and again with innovative choose-your-own-adventure comic mazes, drawing tips for would-be comic artists, style advice for every season, and activities to try at home. Whether via the captivating minutae of CTON’s jam-packed comic mazes or make-believe contraptions, this book is immediately engaging and endlessly re-readable. Familiar characters will make this book an instant favorite with anyone who enjoys super, crazy, ridiculous fun.Clayton Hanmer, Clayton Hanmer

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